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Nuclear Weapons Postures: Why Some Nations Flaunt Nukes While Others Conceal Them

Why does North Korea flaunt its nuclear status, while Israel hides its identity as a nuclear power? Has the United States ever been ready to fire at a moment’s notice? These are interesting questions and are important to understand in order to more accurately measure the relative power of different countries. There are three regional […]

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China or India: Which Economy Will Win?

One interesting difference between the two economies is the contrast between their dominant export sectors. Whereas China’s chief export is manufactured goods that primarily utilize low to medium-skilled labor, India’s main export is medium-skilled English-language service outsourcing. Comparatively, China’s employees have a less visible incentive to improve themselves en masse. There may simply be lower […]

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How Does China Choose its Leaders?

China has become a very popular topic for a number of reasons; some are concerned with how much American debt China holds, while others believe that the military is gearing up for a war of aggression and still others fear the outsourcing of manufacturing that China has been very willing to accept. In addition, China […]

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Courtesy of The Economist: Rich-World Manufacturing 1991-2009

Does US Manufacturing Still Matter?

I have heard a great deal of consternation from individuals on all ends of the political spectrum about why America is not making things anymore. This is quite a bit overhyped, but it is true that American GDP is not as reliant on manufacturing as we were half a century ago. Is this a bad […]

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Chinese Nuclear Strategy: Peace or War?

“We want to have not only more planes and heavy artillery, but also the atomic bomb. In today’s world, if we don’t want to be bullied, then we cannot do without this thing” (Fravel & Medeiros, 2010, p. 61). This was a statement by Mao Zedong, the founder of the modern Chinese state, back in […]

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Does China deserve to have its own “peace prize”?

One of the more interesting developments in the interplay between Chinese and Western foreign policy was China’s decision to host its own “peace prize”. Regardless of how badly it was actually handled and implemented by the Chinese, I am interested in this question: Should the US have attended the ceremony and encouraged the winner of […]

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