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Nuclear Weapons Postures: Why Some Nations Flaunt Nukes While Others Conceal Them

Why does North Korea flaunt its nuclear status, while Israel hides its identity as a nuclear power? Has the United States ever been ready to fire at a moment’s notice? These are interesting questions and are important to understand in order to more accurately measure the relative power of different countries. There are three regional […]

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Syrian Terrorism in Lebanon

[Editor’s Note: One of the referenced authors uses an alternate Latin spelling of the more commonly-used Arabic term Hezbollah. Hizballah is thus used as the spelling throughout the document for consistency.] Is Syria running Lebanon? Syria’s objectives in Lebanon have consistently been to accomplish one central goal: controlling the Palestinian cause so that it can be […]

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The United Tribes of Afghanistan

The current nation-building strategy in Afghanistan would be appropriate for the conditions on the ground if the Afghans were already accustomed to a single ruling faction. The Afghans and Americans have had difficulty jointly creating a central government in Afghanistan that will match the needs of the state; this should not be controversial. A few of […]

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US Nuclear Weapons: Should the US ever nuke first, ask questions later?

Why doesn’t the United States simply nuke its opponents? In addition to the politically unacceptable collateral damage caused, this is easily answered by the fear of nuclear escalation – that is, the rise in seriousness of war from conventional troops and bombs to all-out nuclear war. A more realistic question is one asking in what […]

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