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How Effective is the UN in Counter-Terrorism Operations?

The role of the United Nations (UN) counter-terror strategy seems to primarily involve aiding its members (national governments) with strategy prior to an attack and then providing assistance in response to actual terror attacks. Many see the UN as largely a talking shop; this image is not currently alleviated when the topic of counter-terror arises. […]

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The United Tribes of Afghanistan

The current nation-building strategy in Afghanistan would be appropriate for the conditions on the ground if the Afghans were already accustomed to a single ruling faction. The Afghans and Americans have had difficulty jointly creating a central government in Afghanistan that will match the needs of the state; this should not be controversial. A few of […]

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Libya: Why the West Waited for UN Support

The United Nations Security Council has just voted to permit the creation of a “no-fly-zone” over Libya to assist the rebels in repelling Qaddafi’s troops, who were poised to move on Benghazi within days. Just as recently as three days ago (March 15), many feared that the “moment [had] passed” for intervention. Why did the West wait so […]

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